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Lend me an ear and you will hear the rants and raves of this volunteer. "Nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer" says Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle (parden the pun), but perhaps no one is crazier either. Why do we care so much? Herein lies a glimpse of my Pan-American experience.

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The proceeding 'Panamerican' is a Master's International Student and Peace Corps Volunteer. Disclaimer: Contents are the author's viewpoints only, (need to stress only), and many may have been written on particularly poor days.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Completed Reading List

Ok, soI got an idea last night while washing sardin cans. I'm going to keep a running list of all the books I've read and post this list under my "Links" heading. This way, when I comment on the philosophical ramblings of Pirshig, you'll know what I've just read. I'll save you (I mean me) the hyperlinks, but I'll try my best to provide the author. Now just give me a while to compile the list to date...

My bud Jon is off to Uganda for Peace Corps. He's a computer wiz, so I'm sure his blog is cooler than mine. You can track him here. Also, someday I'll update more links so you can see my PC friends all over the world. Oh thanks P, now I have a web counter just under my links.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pics, and the stories that go wit'em

Yours truly on the beach, drinking my country.
Ryu is showing off is monstrous infections. He has five or six quarter-sized infections on his leg. A few nights earlier we shared a single bed (a little off-topic I know, but it shows my bravery). We are all mad at him for not going to the doctor sooner.
This butterfly wears number 88. Anybody wanna look up the name and get back to me? Update from Travis: Regarding your recent butterfly entry in your blog, the butterfly's name is actually called the Meridian butterfly, but carries the nickname "the 88 butterfly" as one could imagine (Diaethria species, family: nymphalidae). It is most commonly found as far north as Mexico and as far south as Paraguay. Update from P: This butterfly is Nazi (see comment below.)
This is the beach near our training. Didn't actually get here till the last night. It sports two all-inclusives. So if the infections on my shoulder don't entice you, maybe the resorts will. (Did I mention my Peace Corps discount?) This beach also sports an old Manuel Noriega mansion which is now crumbling into ruins. If those walls could talk. Kevin and I snooped around and gave ourselves a tour, too bad I didn't have my camera on me. The rooftop bar/dance floor was pretty amazing...reminds me of the movie "Blow."
¡Langosta Grande Mami!
This is Jose (13) and Maribel (17) as we were leaving for camp. Man I felt like a parent sending their kids off to their first day of school. If I told you I got teary eyed I'd have to kill you. They were super nervous since this was their first time out of their area and first time meeting other kids, and first time spending a night away from family. Just think of all the emotions you had when you were a kid off at summer camp...
This is Maribel's family sending her off on the bus. I am so glad they trusted me to take her daughter away for a week. Many other parents wouldn't let me.
Dave, Roanel and Kevin on Playa Farrallon, the last night of IST.
My Three Amigos
Ok, second time to the hospital to get antibiotics. This one blew up as well, but is under control. My backpack strap conveniently itches them for me.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Cell Phone Number

Yup that's right, I gotta ┬┤nother one. The new old one slipped outta my pocket on the bus this morning and was snatched. Here it is:

(507) 6449-2536

Hopefully I'll get back here to update soon.